The interactive luxury jewelry crafted to inspire calmness and relaxation.

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What we stand for

Our Know-How | Swiss Made

Adaïr proudly defends the world-class expertise of Swiss made jewelry, rooted in precision, quality, and meticulous attention to detail.

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Our commitment | Ethical & Sustainable

Adaïr is acknowledged as a Max Havelaar Fairtrade gold partner in Switzerland and is dedicated to utilizing only lab-grown diamonds, ensuring ethical sourcing practices.

Adair is also pioneering the adoption of an additive manufacturing process in its titanium jewelry production line.

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Our mission | Become your partner of peace

Recognizing the challenges of juggling life's demands and distractions, we empower individuals distracted and stressed by their daily environment to find peace and renewed energy within themselves through jewelry designed for play, which are discreet and on demand.

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Our customers say


"It allows me to have something I can touch to reassure myself." 


"It makes people seem like I'm less stressed."


"It helps me because I'm only thinking on one thing during this joyful moment."


"It helps me to release stress and to be creative."


"I like to play with my jewelry to think of something else!"

The perfect gift for a busy mind - embrace mindfulness with Adaïr.

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Adair brain teaser necklace in rose gold and diamonds with purple bubbly background
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