Adaïr Jewelry & Autisme Suisse Romande: Embracing Co-Creation

On Wednesday, March 20th, Adaïr joined hands with Autisme Suisse Romande, a Swiss organization dedicated to supporting individuals with autism, for a significant collaboration at Gallery Syndrome Artistique.  


With the introduction by the President of Autisme Suisse Romande, Isabelle Steffen, the Adaïr team shared the brand's story with the audience and showcased fidget jewelry designed for individuals concerned with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and their families.

The event aimed to directly engage with the ASD community to gain invaluable insights into our designs and their benefits. This initiative allowed us to step into the realm of co-creation, where the feedback and preferences of individuals with autism are instrumental in shaping not only our future collections, including Collection A Brain Teaser jewelry, but also the prototype Collection I.

Collection A yellow gold brain teaser necklace S, ethical 18k gold and lab-grown diamond, woman play with hands

By sharing their unique needs and preferences with us, the Autisme Suisse Romande community played a crucial role in shaping our future designs. Their valuable feedback granted us deeper insights, enabling us to tailor future collections to the community’s desires and requirements.

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